Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of locations do you manage?

We are able to manage any industry that requires vending machines. We partner with hundreds of vending operators who can handle locations across the country. We operate in communities from the largest city to any rural location our client may have. Not only do we offer a complete line of food vending equipment, but any coin operated machine. Including, but not limited to, Gum Ball Machines, Amusement Games. ATM Machines, and Laundry equipment. We can manage accounts with single locations and accounts with hundreds of locations across the country.

Why should we use a management company?

With Global Vending Management as your vending program manager you get our “no hassle promise,” we handle all the day-to-day activities that distract you from your core business. We manage everything from special requests, commission, repairs, report, to audits and installing new equipment! With our one source management program, we are able to simplify your business. Imagine one check, one sales report, one toll free phone number, one way to manage all your locations; that’s THE GLOBAL ADVANTAGE!

What happens if we need service?

At Global Vending Management we offer our “One Source Management” approach to your vending program. That is why you’ll only need our toll free number to notify us with any issues, and we Guarantee 24 hours a day, 7 day a week repair service on all of our machines. Since all of our equipment is monitored through our InVision software, we will know if there is a problem before you do!

How much commission can we expect?

Global Vending Management helps business turn small change into “Big Profits!” We negotiate maximum commissions from our vending partners in every location! We keep all equipment in excellent running condition, and solve any repair issue within 24 hours. Only working machines are profitable machines!

How often do the commission checks get sent out?

All of our clients can expect to receive their commission checks, along with a complete sales report every month. Our comprehensive reporting system keeps track of all vending activity at each location.

Can we use our current vendors?

If you choose to continue with your current vending operator, they will become one of our vending partners. Global Vending Management will ensure that they continue to provide you with the highest level of service! It is never our intention to remove any vendor unless the client wants us to.

What if some of our accounts are under contract?

Global Vending Management will honor all legal contracts, upon expiration we will give the vendor a letter not to renew. We offer a seamless program that does not cause any interruptions to your daily activities.

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Going Green Electronically


Global Vending Management actively seeks to incorporate environmentally friendly practices by promoting green initiatives with our vending partners and within our own office activities. With these practices, we hope to complement green initiatives supported by our customers and that together we can make a significant difference within our communities.

Some Examples of our green initiative are as follows:


We at Global Vending Management believe in keeping our bodies healthy and our world clean. To that we are in the forefront of our industry in striving to use earth friendly products. We encourage our vending partners to recycle all trash, and keep a selection of health snack items in each machine. In keeping with this theme we are a paperless company, doing all our correspondence from the computer. We also believe in giving back to the community. Global Vending Management donates to many local children’s hospitals in our local area.

Our Green Partnership